How it all started…

August 12, 2016


Someone once wrote “Create the things you wish existed”, and we are perhaps in an era where heeding this sentiment is likelier than ever. One of the more common questions we get from friends is why we decided to do this. We like to bring them back to this quote.

When our co-founders sat down for coffee one day and saw a man dressed in business attire carrying a couple of heavy boxes, perspiring profusely through his work shirt, they wondered why he didn’t get someone to help him. “I wanted to hire someone to do it, but my boss wanted these boxes moved by today and we couldn’t get any professional movers in time.” he explained.

We’ve all grown accustomed to getting some of the things we need when we need them. There’s an app for everything these days. Rides when you need them, food delivery, dispatch services, we even have services that do your grocery shopping for you, plus delivery.

So why isn’t there a service that gets you help with your ad-hoc errands? Errands like moving boxes, queueing for your lunch, picking things up from the store, grabbing something you left at home, you know, things that the person on the street next to you may be able to help you with, but has no idea about.

Short of straight up offering a random stranger on the street some money to run home and grab the notebook you forgot, your options are limited.

For people who want to save some time, LaborMe is an app that connects them with the people who can help them. For the people (students, part-time workers, retirees, PMETs, and anyone with the free time) who become our Taskers, LaborMe is a flexible new way to earn money.

With a secure, cashless payment gateway, a reviews system, a thorough verification process that involves Taskers coming down to the office to meet us face to face, we’re building a community of trusted individuals who can now simply connect to get things done.