Clueless about Zika?

September 9, 2016


Have you noticed the lingering smell of repellents around public transportations and in the office? With the constant reporting of new Zika cases in Singapore, it’s only logical that everyone is taking extra precautions to keep themselves and their loved ones safe during this precarious period.

As Singapore prepares for a long term battle with this global epidemic, here are some tips to apply insect repellent effectively:

  1. Never spray directly onto your skin – always remember to spray onto clothing to have a longer lasting effect.
  2. Concentrate on a few spots near exposed skin – spray for at least 5 seconds on a single spot
  3. Remember to check on the product ingredients to ensure that you are not allergic to.

Mosquito repellents are flying off the shelves at some supermarkets and pharmacies in Singapore. Getting your hands on these buzz-killing products may be difficult.

But fret not! You can use LaborMe to do your shopping for you. Find taskers to buy mosquito repellents and patches from JB and deliver straight to you.

While it is recommended that you use commercial repellents as a preventive measure, you might be allergic or simply dislike the smell of repellents. Here are some natural homemade repellents you can try that is published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Biological Sciences:

  • Catnip Nepetalactone, the essential oil found in herbal catnip
  • Neem oil from the neem tree (Azadiracta indica) in concentrations of one to two percent mixed with coconut oil
  • Garlic, whether consumer or purchased as a concentrated oil and rubbed on the skin, is an effective repellent.
  • Oils with good repellent qualities include eucalyptus, cinnamon, castor, rosemary, cedar, and peppermint. Most people who use these oils either placed them directly on pulse points or mixed them with another oil (some mixed them with moisturizer) and rubbed the combination into their skin.  
  • Lavender flowers rubbed on the skin and lavender oil placed on pulse points
  • Organic soybean oil is an effective repellent that is easy to find, and works as an excellent moisturizer.
  • Thiamine or Vitamin B1 is also thought to be effective, though it is considered most effective when dispersed as a transdermal patch.

Stay safe!