Earn Extra Pocket Money!

May 24, 2017

With the school holidays coming up, here are some tasks on LaborMe you can complete to earn some pocket money! A majority of tasks on LaborMe involve Taskers having to pick up and deliver food / other items to users who require help with these small errands. So while you are out and about, you can always check if there are tasks nearby. Extra pocket money may just be around the corner!

Every time you complete a task, the money you earn will go into your wallet in the app. Accumulate more and more money as you complete more and more tasks! Soon, you’ll have a nice sum to spend on the things you want, like that new pair of sneakers or that trip with your friends. You can withdraw your money at any time and your money will be wired directly to your bank account.

1. Food Delivery

On your free days, help deliver food to the people near you. An average task fee of $15 for food delivery tasks is way higher than what you’d get from delivering as a part-time rider for other food delivery services and you can work whenever you want! Feel like completing only one task today? No problem!

Don’t own a car or bike of your own? No problem! You can take public transport or even go on foot for short-distance tasks.

2. Shopping

Instead of buying and delivering food, many users also request for help with purchasing other items such as groceries and first-aid supplies. We’ve also seen tasks created by users who need help buying shoes, make-up, and stationery. These users may need these items urgently and don’t have the time to head to the stores themselves. That’s where you come in! Like food delivery, the average fee for shopping tasks is also around $15.

3. Queueing

Get paid just for waiting in line! There is a high demand from users who don’t have the time to queue for hours for restaurants, events, or to purchase tickets. These tasks usually go by an hourly rate and all you need to do is queue! Sometimes users require you to purchase something when you get to the front of the line. If purchase and delivery is required, the task fee is usually higher. A popular queueing task we see on the app is getting a queue number for Hai Di Lao.



Here are some tips to maximise the opportunities on LaborMe to earn extra pocket money during your school holidays!

1. Turn on Notifications

Tasks posted on LaborMe get snapped up really quickly by other interested Taskers. That’s how the app gets people the help they need, fast! To make sure you’re first to know about any new tasks nearby you, be sure to keep your task notifications turned on. Whenever a new task gets posted, you’ll get a notification and you can immediately bid for it.

2. Get Verified!

You can win tasks instantly if you’re a verified tasker without having to wait to be selected by the task poster. To be verified, all you need to do is submit a photo of your IC or Passport together with a valid profile picture. You do all of this through the app!