5 Places to Cure Your Geylang Bazaar Hangover

June 28, 2017

Missed the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar? Craving for that mouth-watering rainbow bagel you queued 30 long, sweaty minutes for? Here are 5 places you can get your bazaar food fix all year round.

1. Fairy Floss

(Photo credit: Hungrygowhere)

We’re all familiar with the sweet, scrumptious sensation of that fluffy, flossy pink carnival dessert melting in our mouths. Fairy Floss’s contemporary twist on the candyfloss with its rainbow of colours lends a modern touch to the traditional snack we indulged in during our childhood days. Fairy Floss’s Thai-styled candyfloss burrito ($8) – the first ever in Singapore – is a crowd favorite that has attracted lengthy queues at food festivals such as ArtBox and the Geylang Bazaar. This burrito is made of fruit-flavored pastry stuffed with candied floss, and has been described as “unicorn hair in a crepe”.

You can also get the rainbow-coloured floss separately for $18 per jar.


2. Kaw Kaw SG

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Kaw Kaw SG by Makanstate has been around for a number of years. Pronounced “gao gao” – which means ‘thick’ in Hokkien – the restaurant is home to the Malaysian Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw (Kaw Kaw grilled burger). The one-of-a-kind burgers in were a huge hit at the Geylang Bazaar and are a favourite with local celebrities. The restaurant itself is known for whipping up unique and artistic creations that tantalizes tastebuds. Their Classic Beef burger ($14) features minced beef that is grilled to juicy perfection, and is served with nachos and salsa. If you like being cheesy, trade up the nachos to fries with Cajun cheese dip for only $2.50, or give their Mac N Cheese ($9) a try.

Kaw Kaw SG also serves other specialty burgers such as The Permaisuri (The Empress) chicken burger ($16.90) and Spicy Bolo beef bolognese burger with egg ($15.50).


3. Loco Loco

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We all love churros – but fancy some with a Singaporean twist? If you frequent food festivals you’d notice that Loco Loco has been a regular fixture selling churros with localized flavours. After opening nearly 170 pop up stores around Singapore over the past couple of years, the local start-up opened a permanent store at Northpoint in Yishun for their fans to get their local churros fix all year round. The churros come in sweet, savoury, and mixed versions, and are made on the spot. Try the ondeh ondeh ($5.50), chilli crab ($5.90), or salted egg yolk ($5.90) churros for that unique local flavour. If you prefer traditional churros, original ($4.90) and Oreo ($5.50) churros are also available. The sweet versions can be topped with chocolate, caramel, gula Melaka, or white chocolate sauce for a burst of flavour to your crunchy treat.

4. Macrons.sg

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Love macarons, but don’t have a sweet tooth? The macarons from Macarons.sg at Bakerz Lab are specially made to cater to local tastebuds. They may not be sweet for those who prefer their sugar, but they are a sweet deal. Crispy on the outside, and moist and chewy on the inside, classic flavours go for a reasonable price of $2.50 a piece, or from $16.90 for a box of 7 or more. Their innovative range of flavours are worth a try for those who want a refreshing take on this classic French dessert. Bestsellers include Cookies & Cream and Double Chocolate. They also have a unique selection of flavours such as Russian Earlgrey, Mexican Key Lime, and Asian Honey Mango amongst many others.

5. WORD.

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Word’s gone around that WORD. is the hottest fusion cuisine bistro in town. Combining American, Asian, and Italian flavours, the fast food joint is popular for their signature Handsome Burg ($20). The Geylang Bazaar saw many brave the crowd and sweltering heat just to wait in line for the hot seller. The vibrant rainbow-coloured burger is not just a feast for the eyes, but for the tastebuds as well. Made fresh daily, the Handsome Burg combines buttery bagel buns with a succulent meat patty that you will savour with every bite.

WORD. is also popular for their Between Two Buns cheeseburger ($12) and Durian flan ($15+).



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