ROM Costs Have Risen – Save Spending Costs on Your Wedding by Outsourcing These 5 Things

July 5, 2017

Frustrated with the rising costs of everything in Singapore? And now your wedding too? Recent news of ROM costs rising and costs of wedding banquets rising by almost 50% since 2011 will probably have you pulling your hair out figuring out how to save up for your big day. But don’t fret! With LaborMe, you can save spending costs on your magical day. All you have to do is outsource these 5 wedding tasks:

1. Addressing & mailing wedding invites

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There are many dos and don’ts when it comes to wedding invites. There are wedding card traditions to uphold, and on top of that there’s making sure that the invites are proofread and that the addresses on the envelopes are correct. It’s a tedious job, especially when you are sending out invites to hundreds of guests, so wedding guest addressing companies usually charge a lot for the service on top of design and handling fees.

Outsourcing this job and getting a Tasker to help you out can save costs significantly. You can even get your Tasker to send the cards to the post office for delivery. Just remember to get your Tasker to get the envelopes stamped and sent out in time!

2. Wedding favours

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It’s important to thank your family and friends for making time to be there for you on your big day. What better way is there to show your love and appreciation by handing out wedding favours? Ordering mass-produced ones to give out is impersonal, so make your wedding favours memorable by giving out handmade ones. Opting for handmade wedding favours can save you from spending hundreds of dollars just to say ‘thank you’. Get a Tasker to help you out so your hands won’t fall off making hundreds for all your guests. Saving money is that simple.

3. Source for Wedding venues

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With local hotels charging nearly $2,000 for a table of 10 for their wedding dinner packages, your wedding banquet alone could cost you up to $100,000 for 500 guests. Of course, there are many alternative venues out there, but sourcing for the right one that is available on your wedding date and falls within your budget is tiring and time-consuming. Get a Tasker to help you call up a list of different wedding venues to find out the best places and prices for you to compare and pick your top option. You not only save money when you get the best value-for-money venue, but time spent finding out as well!

4. Cleaning & Moving

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Cleaning out your room before your big day? Need someone to help you organize your things? Moving furniture around to make room for your new spouse, or building new furniture for your new home as newlyweds? With so much to plan and prepare for your wedding, you’d find that there’s simply no time to get your housework sorted out. But with professional movers charging a hefty price for moving, boxes, van rental, etc., you might find that it’s simply not worth the fuss and frustration just to build your new home.

Save labour costs and hidden fees hiring a professional mover by getting a Tasker to do it for you instead. With LaborMe, you can leave the hard work to others and focus on what truly matters.

5. Delivery & Pick up

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Wedding transport costs can go up till $300 – but is it really worth the price just to get your things transported around? With so many things to move and carry for your wedding day, sometimes there’s simply no choice. But with LaborMe, you can always get a Tasker to help deliver and pick up your wedding essentials. From picking up your wedding gown and wedding cake to carrying your wedding gifts back home, you can save so much on hefty delivery costs simply by creating a task. You can even get a Tasker to help carry your luggage to the airport before you rush off to your honeymoon. So what are you waiting for? Create a task now!